Transportation...more than where I ride my bike

Transportation…more than where I ride my bike

I see a lot of the roads when I’m riding my bike, but sometimes I need to drive into the city and the reality is that transportation in Tennessee isn’t what it could and should be to support those who live and work here.  Data suggests that the Middle Tennessee area will grow by 1 million people in the next 20 years. In order to sustain and promote economic growth and jobs, our leadership must be engaged now in a comprehensive plan regarding transportation immediately and into the future.  Because educating ourselves is important, I’m including some articles from The Tennessean that should help you understand and decide for yourself if those currently serving are doing the job they were voted to do.



Breaking today, the Nashville area is headed in the right direction.  With finances in place, our area can move forward on a better road, too.


“It still lacks funding, and details are only conceptual, but Middle Tennessee took an early first step on Wednesday to move toward a robust transit system in the region.

  • 10/6/15: “

“Sitting among a row of fellow mayors, Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess pointed to a presentation highlighting Charlotte’s use of transit — nearly triple that of Nashville’s — and asked why the gap was so wide.”

  • 8/21/16”Nashville-area residents asked for a big, bold transit plan and that is exactly what they got in the nMotion recommendations released Wednesday.Now, their elected officials need to commit to the funding and the follow-through to make this ambitious, expensive and very long-term project a reality.”