My Commitment to District 14

My Commitment to District 14

My Commitment to District 14


My name is Gayle Jordan, and I’m running for state senate.

I have a series of videos here stating my positions on several of the issues facing our district. It is going to take hard work and cooperation to resolve these issues, and I’m looking forward to that. This video, though, is a little different. This video is my commitment to the citizens of the beautiful 14th district.

If I am elected, I will fight for teachers and students. That means meaningful raises for teachers and less testing for students.

If elected, I will work with our county and city leadership to bring jobs to our district, in both conventional and unconventional fields.

I will work to improve our commute in and out of District 14, with no option off the table.

I will work to combine those two efforts by sponsoring and voting for a transportation bill.

I will defend, as the federal and state Constitutions grant, the ability for all people to worship openly and freely based on their own conscience, and hold accountable the forces that attempt to prevent that.

I will work to raise the minimum wage, because I believe that being, as the governor has boasted, a destination state of low wage workers is not in the best interest of Tennessee.

I will work to see that Insure TN passes, as the fiscally responsible and humanely necessary legislation that it is, supported by the majority of Tennesseans, and approved by the hospital associations.

I will work to support Made-in-America products, specifically Made-in-Tennessee products, by strengthening our manufacturing and limiting out-of-state contracts.

I will work to defend the fundamental precepts upon which this country was built, by welcoming vetted refugee families fleeing oppression, violence, and death.

 I am committed to all of these campaign platforms, but it is important also, to talk about the things I believe in that don’t lend themselves to simple sound bites.

Having spent most of my adult life in this district, I have seen the changes that have come to our communities, both good and not as good. I recognize that District 14 is unique in its mix of rural, suburban, and now even urban. I also recognize that each community from Fayetteville, to Lewisburg, to Shelbyville, to Murfreesboro, to Lynchburg, and all communities in-between, are different in their issues and their needs, and I pledge to work with local residents and community leaders in finding the balance between progress and retention of lifestyle.

My name is Gayle Jordan, and I’m running for state senate.

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Gayle Jordan for Senate, Tennessee 14th District

Gayle Jordan wants to represent you!