Endorsements and Recommendations

Endorsements and Recommendations

According to Webster’s Dictionary:

Simple Definition of endorsement

  • : a public or official statement of support or approval

Any time we receive an endorsement in the form of a public or official statement of support or approval, it is a huge boost to the candidate and to the campaign.

Without any endorsement, this campaign would continue to work hard to spread the word that there is a viable candidate running for the office of State Senate for District 14.  Endorsements don’t change your belief in your campaign.  What an endorsement does, however, is tell a candidate that they are not alone in believing they are on the right track.  It has been a privilege and honor to receive endorsements and a recommendation from meaningful organizations.  They have given Gayle Jordan their statement of support, and it is our hope that their members and other citizens will see those endorsements as reason to support Ms. Jordan, as well.




Central Labor Council

Women for Tennessee’s Future

Tennessee Voters for Animal Protection

Freethought Equality Fund


Rutherford Education Association (REA)