What Are They Afraid Of?

What Are They Afraid Of?


As I have been out on the campaign trail in the district, I ask voters questions about what they feel their community needs, what support they are getting from the current state senator, and what they would like to see different.

I am consistently hearing that they would like to have a senator who does what she says she is going to do. They tell me that that they have often heard Jim Tracy say that hell vote one way, but when the time comes, he votes completely different than he committed to.

He said he supported teachers and then voted for vouchers and charter schools, which serves to impact their salaries in a negative way. Say one thing, vote another.

He sat with a grieving family, told them he would support the legislation they had worked with lawmakers to craft protecting other families from the type of accident that killed their daughter, then voted exactly the opposite of what he said he was going to. Say one thing, vote another.

And now, his words say that he would like to participate in a public forum, but NONE of the 5 dates offered by a neutral party were suitable for him. Say one thing, vote another.

And in a stunning display of coincidence, not a single Republican opponent in Rutherford County is available to debate their Democratic opponent. Not one of the State House candidates, and not Jim Tracy, the Republican senator.

What is going on here?
Voters, you are being disrespected by your current representation. They think that you wont notice. They dont want to debate the issues, because quite simply, they are wrong about them.

A majority of Tennesseans support the passage of Insure TN, and the Republican leadership will not bring it to a vote.

Vouchers and charter schools have been shown to be no more effective than public schools, and they drain funds from the taxpayer-funded education budget.

Our roads are in desperate need of repair and improvement projects, and the long-term chair of the Transportation Committee Jim Tracy says we need to do a study. Hes been in that position for years, and now, in an election year, when he has an opponent, he says we need to do a study.

You deserve to hear both sides. That is the problem with an out-of-balance legislature: one side is in an echo chamber, and the other side cant get the exposure to even present the alternative. Break this negative, unproductive process. Demand to hear the issues discussed in an open, public forum.

You deserve to hear the options of resolving the issues we face here in Middle Tennessee, and they need to be held accountable for refusing to discuss them.

As usual at the end of these blog posts, I ask you to verify what I have said by following the links, so you can research for yourself.

My name is Gayle Jordan, and Im running for state senate. I would appreciate your vote and support.