Continuing the discussion...

Continuing the discussion…

The Closest Thing to a Debate…So Far


It was a great morning being able to sit in the WGNS studio with Jim Tracy as Scott Walker took calls and texts of questions for both of us to answer.
I encourage you to listen for yourself if you weren’t able to tune in at that time.  Click HERE for that podcast. It was a great discussion of important matters to the district and to citizens in general.

I directed listeners here, to my site, to learn more about many issues and the votes and statements of Senator Tracy.

I spoke of the work Colorado has done in the area of Birth Control.  You can read about it here or here.

We talked about Equal Pay for Women.  You can read remarks regarding that forum I mentioned here.

We talked about Teacher Pay.  I’ll disagree with what Mr. Tracy offered based on the constituents who have spoken with me and the numbers–and you just can’t tie Obamacare to lack of adequate pay increases!  Here is a link to the pay by state of teachers.   You’ll notice there are only eleven states below Tennessee in teacher pay.  Click here.  It is true that he and the Republicans stripped teachers of their right to Collective Bargaining.  Read about it here.

Want to know about the Transportation Committee incident that found Lara’s Law replaced with an unfriendly amendment?  Visit my blog about that here, view

TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE HEARING, Lara’s Law (SB 1489) begins at timestamp 49:47:

Want to know where Mr. Tracy is getting his funding?  We found that here and here.

If you would like to contribute to this campaign and put someone who believes in term limits for Washington AND for state government (Mr. Tracy seems to only back term limits in Washington), Gayle Jordan would be proud to accept your vote and even a donation here!  Gayle believes that Enough is Enough for the Tennessee District 14.