Medicine by Another Name

Medicine by Another Name


Hi. Im Gayle. Today I want to talk about a controversial subject. I want to talk about legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Tennessee. Almost all medications on the market are derived from plants; medical marijuana is derived from the plant Cannabis. 25 states have made medical marijuana available to its citizens. Tennessee has a lot to gain by doing the same. What follows is an explanation of the top 3 benefits.

First, the humanitarian effect. To date, marijuana has shown to treat or prevent:


epileptic seizures, and other seizure disorders


pain from MS, post-polio syndrome, and other muscle spasm disorders

inflammatory bowel disease

arthritis pain

symptoms of lupus

tremors from Parkinsons disease

symptoms of PTSD

pain and nausea from chemotherapy, including return of appetite

Additionally, it is possible that marijuana can:

decelerate the spread of cancer

improve lung health and reverse the carcinogenic effect of tobacco

slow the progression of Alzheimers disease

reduce the side effects of Hepatitis C and increase treatment effectiveness

reduce symptoms of Crohns disease

These reasons alone are enough to seriously consider the possibility of medical marijuana, and engage in aggressive research, instead of opposing the idea entirely

based on illogical and outdated reasons.

Secondly, there is all the opportunity that accompanies an entirely new industry. Entrepreneurs, famers, dispensaries, equipment providers, researchers, all would benefit, and the potential tax benefit to the state is tremendous. States like Colorado and Washington have used this revenue to improve schools, fund higher education, and repair roads. Half of US states have medical marijuana, and Tennessee now has the opportunity to be on the leading edge of the cultivation and development.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, medical marijuana give us a definitive path to treat the out-of-control opioid epidemic which has manifested throughout our society in every economic and social strata. More Tennesseans died from opioid overdose in 2014 than died in car accidents. Research is showing that medical marijuana can treat opioid addiction safely and effectively.

When asked about medical marijuana recently on a radio forum Senator Tracy acknowledged the benefits, acknowledging the suffering of Tennesseans, yet stated that I dont believe in marijuanaI dont think we should legalize marijuana.the stats prove it out that it doesnt work out very well.

I disagree. I believe it is time for Tennessee to consider legalizing medical marijuana, and the facts and data support that conclusion. As always, follow the links and confirm for yourself. My name is Gayle Jordan, Im running for state senate, and Im asking for your vote.