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An Honor to Run

An Honor to Run

An Honor to Run

After a tremendously exciting and educational 7 months, our campaign came to an end last night. I congratulate Senator Tracy on his win.

Thank you is such a limited phrase for the feeling I have for everyone who supported and believed in the ideals upon which weve run this campaign. Your words of encouragement and gestures of kindness have meant more than I will ever be able to express.

Tennessee will continue to need your voices of reason. As I shared with our local Democratic party last night, it is not our job to win elections. Elections are but one tool in our fight for equality and fairness for all. Our job is to speak for those who cant speak for themselves. Our job is to work every day for the policies which we believe improve the lives of all Tennesseans. That job will need all of us.

Let us take a few days of rest and recovery. We have also to adjust not to just our loss in Tennessee, but in our nation as well. Hold your families and friends close, comfort those who are afraid, grieve as you must. Our task awaits.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.