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An Honor to Run

An Honor to Run After a tremendously exciting and educational 7 months, our campaign came to an end last night. I congratulate Senator Tracy on his win. Thank you is such a limited phrase for the feeling I have for everyone who supported and believed in the ideals upon which we’ve run this campaign. Your […]

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Medicine by Another Name

MEDICAL MARIJUANA Hi. I’m Gayle. Today I want to talk about a controversial subject. I want to talk about legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Tennessee. Almost all medications on the market are derived from plants; medical marijuana is derived from the plant Cannabis. 25 states have made medical marijuana available to its […]

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Don’t Mind the Dead Along the Way, We Have A Surplus

Surplus? I don’t think so.   Hi! I’m Gayle Jordan and I’m running for state senate. This is my farm in Rutherford County, and this is Elvis, Priscilla, and How Now. I raise longhorns, donkeys, goats, and chickens. I raised my kids on this farm, and now that they are grown and gone, caring for […]

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Continuing the discussion…

The Closest Thing to a Debate…So Far It was a great morning being able to sit in the WGNS studio with Jim Tracy as Scott Walker took calls and texts of questions for both of us to answer. I encourage you to listen for yourself if you weren’t able to tune in at that time.  Click […]

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Separation of Church and State

What I Believe, separation of church and state   Hi. I’m Gayle In my campaign I have always tried to make it clear that I think a major part of the job of an elected official is listening and responding. I have had several comments recently that have compelled me to create this blog/video, because […]

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What Are They Afraid Of?

WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? As I have been out on the campaign trail in the district, I ask voters questions about what they feel their community needs, what support they are getting from the current state senator, and what they would like to see different. I am consistently hearing that they would like to […]

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Endorsements and Recommendations

According to Webster’s Dictionary: Simple Definition of endorsement : a public or official statement of support or approval Any time we receive an endorsement in the form of a public or official statement of support or approval, it is a huge boost to the candidate and to the campaign. Without any endorsement, this campaign would […]

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My Commitment to District 14

My Commitment to District 14   My name is Gayle Jordan, and I’m running for state senate. I have a series of videos here stating my positions on several of the issues facing our district. It is going to take hard work and cooperation to resolve these issues, and I’m looking forward to that. This video, […]

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Donate Dollars and Time as We Move Forward

My campaign needs YOU! We are having a great time and have a great group, but there is room for more people and more fun! I need your voice, your vote, your time, and your donations. If you have $10 or $20 or more, please consider helping us get the word moving through the district […]

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Facts are Facts…Jordan for State Senate

Knowing the facts makes deciding which candidate to back much easier.  Know your candidates.  Gayle Jordan is the best choice for District 14.

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