Dear Senator Tracy,

As we come to the conclusion of this election cycle, there are still so many unanswered questions that would have been asked had you been willing to participate in public forums with your opponent.

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On your literature, stump speeches, and a radio forum, you identify that one of your proudest achievements is balancing the budget. Yet the 2016 state Comptroller report shows a shortfall of a minimum of $500 million in Education. The American Society of Civil Engineersreport card rates our roads as C overall and in need of over $475M to keep up with repairs. This is beyond fiscal irresponsibility. Claiming that we have a surplusis an insult to our intelligence. Do you think we voters dont understand this?


You have broken our beautiful public education system. How? Simple enough: you underfund the system, resulting in fewer support positions, (principals, counselors, nurses), enlarge the student-to-teacher ratio, create an unrealistic teacher evaluation process, and require extensive student testing, up to as many as 30 days per school year. Then you connect the results of this overtesting, and an absurd teacher assessment metric, with a teachers ability to retain her job year to year. This is in addition to the elimination of collective bargaining so that our teachersprofessional organization is unable to negotiate a more reasonable contract. In a final insult, you offer as the solution charter schools and vouchers, and state money then goes into private and often out-of-state pockets. Do you think we voters dont understand this?


A few months ago the legislature had to be called back into session because you passed a law regarding DUI that was in conflict with federal law, and the state was at risk of losing over $60 million in federal funds. Jim, youre the Chair of the Transportation Committee. You’ve been in the senate 12 years and chaired the committee for 8 years. You once admitted to not reading the Common Core bill. Did you not read this bill either? This cost taxpayers $25 thousand a day to fix. These are our hard-earned tax dollars we entrust you to spend wisely. This is the main task of your job as our state senator! Do you think we voters dont understand this?


Lara Gass, a bright, beautiful law student, was killed in a horrific car accident because she had not been notified of a recall in a used car she had purchased. Her parents went to you, Senator Tracy, to ask for help crafting and passing a bill to address this unrepaired recallissue. You sat with these grieving parents promising support. Then, during the transportation committee meeting you chaired, you presented an unfriendly amendment, completely changing the heart of the bill and effectively killing it. You singlehandedly and exponentially magnified the pain of these grieving parents. And since you killed that bill, 6 additional people have died on Tennessee highways in similar accidents, including a two-year-old child. A quick glance at your campaign contribution list provides some insight. Do you think we voters dont understand this?


Senator Tracy, you acknowledged on a radio show that you understand that medical marijuana brings relief from the symptoms of many illnesses. Then you said that you didnt believe in marijuana, and that the stats don’t support it. This shows a stunning lack of interest and education about the potential for the relief medical marijuana can bring. Do you think we voters dont understand this?


You sponsored the bill that eliminated the Hall Income Tax, and you boasted that the bill protected our senior citizens. This is a tax that applies to interest income, a tax that less than 5% of Tennesseans pay. However, because this revenue will now be withdrawn from counties and municipalities, 95% of Tennesseans will be affected with a reduction in services, an increase in property tax, or both. Do you think we voters dont understand this?

Senator Tracy, you have taken complete advantage of the public trust in you. You have misled, misdirected, and deceived us about the status of our budget, education, and transportation. You have offered the education of our children to the highest bidder. Your coffers overflow with money from special interest groups, who absolutely expect something in return. Youve spent a tremendous amount of time as our state senator working on your two failed US Congressional campaigns. And youve disrespected the voters in your district by being unwilling to respond to these questions.

The voters in District 14 have had enough. We need ethics and transparency in our senator. We need accountability and a commitment to the well-being of every person, not just the fortunate few. We need a voice uncorrupted by years and years of political back-scratching and back-room dealmaking. We need a senator who truly cares about the quality of life for all Tennesseans.

Vote for Gayle Jordan, State Senate, District 14.

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