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Donate Dollars and Time as We Move Forward

My campaign needs YOU! We are having a great time and have a great group, but there is room for more people and more fun! I need your voice, your vote, your time, and your donations. If you have $10 or $20 or more, please consider helping us get the word moving through the district […]

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Facts are Facts…Jordan for State Senate

Knowing the facts makes deciding which candidate to back much easier.  Know your candidates.  Gayle Jordan is the best choice for District 14.

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$60Million Oops

After being asked my opinion and thoughts on this most costly mistake in our state government, I decided to share with the voters, the people who are being impacted by what’s happened. The question asked for my thoughts on the  $60 million in federal funding jeopardized by a new state underage DUI law. Would I ask the […]

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Transportation in Tennessee….Profits over People

Lara Gass and Tennessee Transportation Safety Lara Gass was a shining star in every sense of the word – smart, beautiful, driven, compassionate, and engaged. Lara was 2 months from graduating from law school when she was killed in a senseless and preventable car accident. Not only was Lara killed by this safety recall, but […]

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Rise Up. Speak Out. Push Back.

Rise Up. Speak Out. Push Back. Dear fellow Tennesseans: I know. I feel your pain. I live here too. I was here when the Republicans won their supermajority, and I’ve watched over the last few years as Democrats have taken the beatdown one election after another. I understand how defeating it can be. I understand […]

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Hear, See, and Interact!

Running a campaign isn’t all about cupcakes and logos, though that sure adds to the excitement.  Cupcakes are fluff, issues are not.  One of the hardest things about being “just a voter” is that so many times we don’t know and understand the issues the politicians are talking about.  Our YouTube Channel is the home of […]

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Silence is Deafening

The Silence following Orlando is Deafening The silence was deafening. Last week, when we awoke on Sunday morning and heard the news, when our hearts were broken with the thought of the lives ended too soon, the fractured families, and the anguish and shock of what had happened, most of our state lawmakers said nothing. […]

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Scott County Hospital Closing

“Insure Tennessee, the Medicaid expansion plan proposed by Gov. Bill Haslam in December 2014, was widely viewed as one way to alleviate some of the financial burdens by expanding access to coverage to people who fall in the gap between buying individual plans and qualifying for TennCare.” ‪#‎EnoughIsEnoughTN14‬…/scott-county-hospital…/86144812/

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Counseling Association Cancels Conference

“In protest of a law they say is an affront to the profession of counseling and the worst legislation they’ve ever tracked, the American Counseling Association has canceled its annual conference scheduled for Nashville next year.

For Nashville, the loss of the convention at Music City Center could cost more than 3,000 visitors to the city, $4 million in combined local and state tax revenue and a local economic impact of up to $10 million.”


Counseling Association considers Canceling Convention

“The American Counseling Association, which is set to hold its annual gathering at Music City Center next April, is thinking about heading elsewhere. At stake is a conference that the group says would bring more than 3,000 conventioneers to Nashville, generate up to $4 million in combined local and state tax revenue and have a local economic impact of up to $10 million.”

Tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Stop this kind of regressive, expensive, discriminatory legislation. Enough is Enough!