Lessons in Legislation

Colorado and Birth Control.  You can read about it here or here.

Equal Pay for Women.  You can read remarks regarding that forum I mentioned here.

Teacher Pay.  Here is a link to the pay by state of teachers.   You’ll notice there are only eleven states below Tennessee in teacher pay.  Click here.  It is true that he and the Republicans stripped teachers of their right to Collective Bargaining.  Read about it here.

Want to know about the Transportation Committee incident that found Lara’s Law replaced with an unfriendly amendment?  Visit my blog about that here, view

TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE HEARING, Lara’s Law (SB 1489) begins at timestamp 49:47:


Want to know where Mr. Tracy is getting his funding?  We found that here and here.

Gayle Jordan would be proud to accept your vote and even a donation here!  Gayle believes that Enough is Enough for the Tennessee District 14.