Breaking Down the Their Own Words

What is the Truth?

The truth is that while Jim Tracy is a very nice man, there are some important things happening and not happening in our district, and in our state.

Opioids are killing more Tennesseans than car accidents.  Why would Jim Tracy be against helping people in pain?

The Hall Tax helps only the richest Tennesseans.  Why would Jim Tracy want you to think it helps senior citizens?

Term limits.  Only in Washington?  Why would Jim Tracy think he shouldn’t live by the same rules?

Enough really is enough, Tennessee.

Vote for Gayle Jordan for District 14.

Understand some of the issues:

Transportation Issues:  Lara’s Law Click here.

Opioid Abuse and Help: Here and Here

Hall Tax that doesn’t help seniors, despite what Mr. Tracy said:  Here

Where is he getting his dollars?  Click here for a breakdown of years.