Enough is enough.


I am a mother, a grandmother, and a concerned citizen. I am running for the State Senate, District 14, which includes the eastern half of Rutherford County, Moore, Marshall, Lincoln, and Bedford Counties.


I have a small farm in Rutherford County. My 4 children, raised on the fresh sunshine and hard work of farm life and who attended Lascassas Elementary and Siegel High School, are grown college graduates. I raise longhorn cattle, goats, donkeys, and chickens. I have one snarfy English bulldog, one elderly black lab, one very important Pyrenees, and a couple of mice-patrol cats.


About the time my children began leaving home for college, I decided to pursue a lifelong, closely-held dream to attend law school. My motivation for attending law school at the age of 50 was my belief that justice is inaccessible to a portion of our citizens, and I felt compelled, if I could, to do my part to correct that problem.


Throughout law school I began to explore ways in which I could contribute. Simultaneously, I watched the legislature of my beloved state govern with unkind, uncaring, and unnecessary legislation, costing the state millions of dollars in legal battles. I listened as they made divisive and hateful statements regarding immigrants, refugees, members of the LBGT community, women, the uninsured, and the poor. I observed as this leadership passed intrusive legislation that reeked of government overreach.


After graduating and passing the Bar, I received the coveted law license I had always wanted. How could I help the most people with my skills and education? How could I correct injustices in my community? How could I improve the lives of my fellow citizens, to decrease their suffering and increase their participation in our great country and beautiful state?


It is the drive for the answers to those questions which has compelled me to run for state Senate. I believe the citizens of the 14th District deserve to be well-represented in the legislature. I believe their needs should be addressed, and their voices heard. It is time for common-sense governing, and reasonable, rational solutions to actual problems.


280,000 Tennesseans have no access to health care, many thousands of whom are veterans.


Students in Tennessee public schools are at risk of having their education experience negatively affected by the financial impact of vouchers.


Teachers have had their ability to participate in their professional union hindered by intrusive legislation.


Roads and bridges continue to deteriorate in our rural and urban areas, placing a heavier financial burden on our children and grandchildren.


Middle Tennessee is a glorious place to live. Our beautiful seasons, our breathtaking farms, towns and cities, our heritage of loving and caring for one another, our mix of rural, suburban, and urban, our diversity of citizenship — make life in Middle Tennessee a uniquely awesome experience, and is worth preserving, celebrating, and supporting.


Enough is enough.