How to get free Coin Master Coins and Spins

Coin master hack

If playing coin master  is your interest and you love playing the slots, then the coin master has what you are looking for. There is no doubt to the fact that the game will keep you glued onto your seats. The game features magical lands to conquer, villages to build and an empire to rule, in the true coin master hack. The goal is to become the Coin master, and to become one you need to own the strongest village and also have the majority of the loot in your treasury. And to do so, you need the assistance of the coin master hack. Want to know how? Read on.

coin master hack

coin master free spins hack

Some important aspects of Coin master free spins hack 

  • You will be awarded a star for every building you construct and with every 20 stars, you have the ability to move to the next village.
  • Coins can be earned through the slot machines. The slots also help you with attacking or raiding the other villages.
  • Attacking other players with the hammer will also help you to make coins.
  • A spin on the wheel can help you get a shield and this can be used for keeping your village safe from attacks of other players.
  • Building the village will need coins and you can get them by simply stealing it from other players and attacking the enemy villages, looting them. You can enjoy the sweet taste of revenge as you attack the villages of those players who have attacked you and loot them of their treasures. Of course, the easiest way to make the coins is to use the Coin master hack with a simple click of a button.
  • If you connect through Facebook, you additionally get a bonus of 100,000 coins along with free 50 spins on the wheel. And you can have more fun by interacting with your friends both through the game and through the social media.
  • Facebook also helps you to keep on tab with the latest updates and goodies that the developers launch into the game. You will also be able to make some free spins, know about a new village, and keep track of your progress, share information and more when you connect through Facebook.
  • Spinning the wheel everyday can get you a lot of free stuff to play the game. There are even chances that you win additional 5 free spins for the day.
  • If you happen to earn gold cards or coins through the wheel of fortune, you can use them to reach new levels and make your village much stronger. Of course, you need not always depend on sheer luck, but use the Coin master hack to make the best out of it.
  • More cards in your hand will imply that you can keep adding more villages to your growing empire and soon you will be reaching the main objective, which is to become the king of the entire Viking empire.
  • Ensure that you interact and keep a trade ongoing with your friends in the game. This will help you to make more cards that you need and take you closer to your goal.
  • In case you are a pet owner, do not forget to feed your pet by either spinning the wheel of fortune or by using some real world cash.
  • There is option to hop from one island to another and create your own buildings everywhere expanding your growing empire.
  • There will always be one new village or another being added to the game to make the levels more exciting. Keep a lookout for them.

Village shop

The game starts with the player i.e. you building your first village. To do so, you have to access the building icon on the game board. To start with every player is provided with 75k coins and with this you can start your building. The first house that you want to build will cost you about 60k in the village shop in game.

The village shop contains an assortment of many items that will be useful to you in the game. While some of these items will be readily available to you, some might require certain tasks to be completed for unlocking them. In fact at the beginning, you will only see the house that you need to build is unlocked and the rest will be released as you move forward in the game.

Slot machine

coin master free spins hack

As we have mentioned earlier, every item built by you will get you a star. And with every 20 stars you collect you can move to the next village. Since the first house you can build costs you about 60k coins, you will be immediately in the need of more coins to start building more. And to earn more coins, you will have to depend on the slot machines. This will help you to get more coins and also to attack or raid another village.

The slot machine works with a timer which allows a player to have only about 5 spins in one hour. It is therefore important that you pay utmost attention as you spin and make sure that you get many coins. Also if you do not check out the wheel often, you might actually miss out on using these five spins. Therefore, whether you are playing or not, you have to log in every one hour and use the 5 spins to the fullest to make the most out of these slot machines.

The attack coins that you gain from the slot machine are what help you in attacking another village. As you attack a village, the coins that the village has will automatically be credited to you. To give an example, if you are attacking Fred’s village, then the coins of that village will get added to your account. This is how you progress in the game, by attacking a village, adding their coins to yourself and moving forward to the next village.

How to acquire coins?

While slot machines are the most and best way to make coins, they are not the only ones. The other way to earn coins is of course to attach or raid other villages and take their loot. The easiest way however is to make use of the Coin master hack or Coin master cheats!

You don’t have to worry about attacking a foe or a friend in this game. All that matters is to attack villages, take their loot and build your empire. In fact it gives you the perfect opportunity to attack those players who have in turn attacked you in the beginning and earn their loot. Also it is not just the coins that you will find by attacking other villages. You might even come across some invaluable treasures in the game. These are generally in the form of cards, both common and rare varieties. These will also get added to your account as you attack the village.

How to get more spins?

While there are 5 spins to be had in every hour, you will see that it is not enough. And when you want to have more spins, you can either use the real money to buy them at the game store or wait for the wheel to get replenished or use the Coin master hack.  In case you want to go with the first option of buying the spins with money, then you would be spending about $6 to get about 60 spins on the wheel.

Not every player has the time and money to spend on the game, in which case you can wait until the spin wheel is ready and try your luck again. The other option is to watch some videos posted by the game which can get you some free spins. You can also get free spins by reaching the game through social media networks like the Facebook. This way you get about 50 spins for free.

Earning shields on the slot machine

Shields can help you to keep the village safe from the attack of the Vikings. And the slot machine can get you access to these shields. There are many other items that you can buy from the village shop with the coins you earn from the slot machines. And as you purchase more items, you will be making more stars.

The Slot machine even gives you the chance to raid the village of the coin master and get his coins. To give an example if the coin master has about 350k coins in his village, raiding the village and stealing as much as you can should be ultimate objective.

When you are stealing from the coin master, you will get three chances to do so and there will be four different places for digging. You need to dig the right place if you want to get any coins. And if you manage to dig in the right place all the three times, you will have the perfect raid and the best loot, that is the entirety of his treasure in your account.

After having stolen enough or more from the coin master, there will be a new coin master to take over and the new master will have many more coins for you to steal. With more coins in your pocket, you can start buying more items from the village shop, upgrading your village to become the strongest hold in the game. For every upgrade there are coins to earn and coins to spend.  So to get upgraded you need to make more coins.

Card collection

Every new level will take you much closer to these coveted cards in the game. Some cards will unlock as you reach village number 3 and some as you reach the village number 7 and so on. And there are always new cards to look forward to. Information on new cards are generally posted in the Facebook or other similar social media sites.

Trading the cards is also possible if you are part of the game group in the Facebook. And if you can share the card that is missing, you will get the chance to make 250+ spins for free or the chance to get a hold of the rarest cards. The cards in the game include Lemon pie, chocolate bar, doughnut, etc.

Looting the other Vikings can also get you these cards. They might be in possession of these cards and when you loot them, you automatically get them. As you complete a set, you can get to next village. The game has a whole lot of villages to conquer and raid and you will always be aiming for more rewards as you move forward.

coin master free spins hack


To conclude, the coin master is a game that will keep you glued onto your seats irrespective of the hours and is a game for all age groups. It is highly addictive that you will find yourself logging in every hour to get the free spins. So it is better to play this game only if you have enough time to spend on it.

We wish you happy gaming and of course unlimited gaming with the Coin master hack!